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Alcohol Awareness Week – Oct 18-24

The NSPCC recently reported that more than 100 children a week are contacting the ChildLine helpline with worries about their parents’ drinking or drug use.  Shockingly, two-thirds of these children had mentioned their parents’ drinking.  The head of Childline, Sue Minto, said “The fall-out from parental drug and alcohol abuse is a ticking timebomb in many children’s lives.  It’s vital these children are helped before lasting damage occurs.”

Alcohol Awareness Week provides a good opportunity to highlight the damage done by the over-consumption of alcohol in the UK and could be a stimulus to rethinking attitudes toward this most commonly used mind-altering drug.  It is not only children who are suffering the consequences of their parents’ drinking.  Adults too are risking their health and well-being, creating an enormous financial burden for the NHS and contributing substantially to social disorder in our town centres. 

The moderate drinking message is not getting through.  Is it time for an alternative approach?

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