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New Drug Strategy

HM Government recently released its Drug Strategy 2010,  the key aims of which are to reduce illegal and harmful drug use, and to increase the number of people that recover from dependence.

The Strategy acknowledges that “the UK has amongst the highest rates of young people’s cannabis use and binge drinking in Europe” and that around 13,000 young people’s hospital admissions each year are alcohol-related.   Alcohol costs the country an estimated £18-25 billion per year, with the NHS bearing £2.7 billion of that cost.  1.6 million people are believed to have a mild to severe dependence on alcohol and there is a clear link between mental illness and drug and alcohol dependence.

One of the ways that Government plans to reduce the demand for drugs is by the provision of “good quality education and advice so that young people and their parents are provided with credible information to actively resist substance misuse”.   This is exactly what Hope UK does and, at a time when statutory service provision is being localised and reduced, we aim to fill the gap by training local networks of volunteers to become Drug Educators in their own communities. 

The training course is accredited with the Open College Network and consists of 120 hours of distance learning and three practical training weekends.  Once trained and assessed, Hope UK Drug Educators work with children and young people in schools and youth groups as well as helping parents, youth workers and others to do their own drug prevention activities.

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