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I am a parent…

I am a parent…

Parents are often unsure about what to do to prevent the harm related to drinking, smoking or illegal drug use. Hope UK’s resources will help dispel myths and provide strategies which parents can use as their children grow up.

Parents could suggest to schools, churches or other community groups that they invite a Hope UK Educator to run a parents’ awareness session.

Click here for a booking form if you would like to invite a Hope UK Drug Educator to deliver a drug and/or alcohol awareness session for your parents’ group.

The Hope UK’s Parents Action Plan is available free in single copies and other information about drugs can be found in the resources section. If help is required, the useful links and general advice in the Find Help section should be of assistance.

The Drug Proof Your Kids® Course which is run by Care for the Family, offers a 12 hour (broken into six sessions) course which focuses on helping parents to be aware of drug issues by learning from the experience of other parents as to what works best. The course is very practical and will be of assistance to any parent.


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