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I am a teacher…

I am a teacher…

Hope UK’s voluntary Drug Educators are trained to a high standard with a 120-hour course accredited with the Open College Network.  They can visit schools to provide interactive alcohol and drug awareness sessions with the flexibility to ensure that they fit within a school’s drug syllabus and policy.

Hope UK was a member of the Drug Education Forum  (now in hibernation) and is still a member of the Drug Education Practitioners Forum and follows best practice in drug and alcohol education with an emphasis on lifeskills development.

Alcohol-free drinks suggestions and  Activity Downloads may also be of interest. Information about alcohol, tobacco and illegal drugs is available.

Hope UK’s training, most of which is accredited with the Open College Network, can be customised to suit the needs of teachers and others working in the Education sector.  Charges apply.

Click here for a booking form if would like to invite a Hope UK Drug Educator to provide a drug and/or alcohol awareness session in the classroom or training for teachers.

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