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I am a youth worker…

Hope UK offers a variety of options for those doing voluntary or paid youth work – all designed to help them include alcohol and drug prevention work within their programme. Drug Educators can provide interactive presentations for young people and adults. Our preference, however, is to train youth leaders to do their own drug awareness work throughout the year. Special sessions with young people by a Hope UK Drug Educator can then be part of an overall drug prevention strategy.

Youth Workers can be provided with customised training ranging from 3 hours to 2-day long courses. This includes an Open College Network Accredited course ‘Young People, Drugs and the Role of the Youth Worker’.

Furthermore, ‘family sessions’ offer opportunities where parents can be given drug awareness sessions alongside young people.

Click here for a booking form if you would like a Hope UK Drug Educator to visit your group.

Youth workers can benefit from the activity downloads, alcohol and drug information and alcohol-free drinks info.

If you are interested in running the 8-session ‘Drugs, Sex and You‘ course with your youth group, please contact us.

If you need to seek help for a young person using drugs or alcohol, visit the Find Help section.

Finally, you can always contact Hope UK’s headquarters for advice.

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