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There are 44 trained voluntary Drug Educators in London who can provide drug awareness sessions for children, young people, parents, and youth and church workers.


Our staff and the London-based voluntary Drug Educators carried out hundreds of sessions in the past year.  A sample of organisations worked with is below:

  • Beecholme School/Benedict Primary School, CR4 (Year 5 & 6 pupils)
  • Ethiopian Community Centre, N17
  • St Dunstan’s College, SE6
  • Crown Court Church of Scotland, WC2B
  • Praise Chapel, HA8
  • Gateway Training Centre, SE1
  • Education Development Centre, BR2
  • Conduit Project, N22
  • Chatsworth Baptist Church, SE27
  • Paddington Academy, London, W9
  • Living Waters Christian Centre, SE23
  • Suffolk Baptist Church, EN1
  • Oxygen Youth Project, KT3
  • Girl Guides, E4
  • Bonus Pastor School, SE13
  • Pollards Hill Estate Residents Assoc, CR4

Picture 018London-based Drug Educators regularly deliver alcohol and drug education from an open-air stand at Bankside.  Educators use visual impairment goggles (‘beer goggles’) to illustrate the vulnerability that results from drunkenness.  Activities like Jenga, walking a white line on the pavement and sorting tasks are provided.  This gives people a taste of the visual effects of drunkenness which is a great conversation starter.  Adult and older young people are given leaflets that help them assess their own drinking levels.

Hope UK Educators assisted with a Junior Citizens programme in Kingston (for Year 6 pupils in all the local schools) by providing the drug and alcohol component.  This represents a considerable commitment on the part of our Educators as these events are intensive and repetitive, taking place over several weeks.

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