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Vodafone World of Difference pays for an extra worker

Hope UK is grateful to have been selected as one of the charities benefiting from the Vodafone World of Difference programme which pays 2 months’ salary cost for an additional worker.  Liz Wynyard, who has worked for Hope UK for many years both in a paid and voluntary capacity, shares her experience of the induction day:

“I went to their Induction Day at Newbury Racecourse on Monday. It was a great experience and everything was done very professionally and efficiently to make a fuss of us, make us feel special and enthuse us to make a World of Difference to our chosen charities.  

They had inspirational speakers telling their stories: Simon Weston OBE the Falklands soldier who recovered from being blown up and still bears the scars from his experience. Lisa Potts who gained the George medal for protecting the children in her care when a man jumped over the fence of her nursery with a machete and attacked them all; Gok Wan who is their Ambassador, as well as others who shared their experiences of setting up charities and making a difference in small or large ways. 

Vodafone told us that their Foundation is donating this sort of money in this sort of way because they want People to make a difference rather than just writing a cheque and that’s the end of it. 

I was given a new Vodafone with £50 on it to use for Hope UK work, a bit of training to get started on blogging with the other 499 World of Difference winners, some of whom I had conversation with. Interestingly, many of them were already volunteering for their charities as I am. 

I have now officially begun my Vodafone World of Difference placement – 4 months of 2 days a week. My main role will be marketing churches near some of our Volunteers to get prayer support; if they have youth work they might like some Drug Awareness Sessions, and hopefully get them on our database so in the long term they will receive our information and know more about Hope UK.   And anything else that is needed. Blogging and tweeting about what I’m doing, as it happens, is encouraged!! I’m a novice at the moment but you wait and see…..!

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