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Monthly Archive for April, 2012

Mystery drug kills teenager

‘Party drug kills teen daughter of leading academic’ are the headlines in the Daily Mail on 23 April, 2012. Another death, another young life snuffed out. This tragic death emphasizes yet again the importance and value of the drug  education work of Hope UK.

Annual Conference/AGM

At the end of March, 86 of our volunteer Educators, Trustees and staff spent a brilliant weekend together at Allnations College, Hertfordshire. It was good to meet our wonderful volunteers some of whom had travelled from as far as Scotland/Northern Ireland/Wales and Cornwall. Workshops entitled Drug Trafficking, Young People’s Drugs, Sex and Lifeskills Course were enlightening. We were enabled to follow the temperance history of The Band of Hope ably produced by Annemarie McAllister from the University of Central Lancashire who will be holding an eight month exhibition in Manchester entitled ‘Temperance and the Working Class’. We learnt from an excellent speaker, Roy Crowne, how to ‘Reach out in Word and Action’ . Information about working with local Drug Education Forums was the topic of another workshop. It was a good time of comparing notes and experiences as well enjoying food, fun and friendship.  

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