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Mystery drug kills teenager

‘Party drug kills teen daughter of leading academic’ are the headlines in the Daily Mail on 23 April, 2012. Another death, another young life snuffed out. This tragic death emphasizes yet again the importance and value of the drug  education work of Hope UK.

As a Drug Educator for Hope UK, I was out in the shopping centre of Kingston on Saturday encouraging young people to put on beer goggles and ‘walk the line’ thus giving them insight into what it feels like to be drunk. Those who had not previously experienced drunkenness were amazed at how ‘weird’ they felt not being able to walk straight; they did not feel safe. We were then able to reinforce the importance of ‘staying safe’ in whatever environment they were in! ‘It has certainly made me think,’ one young lad said, which is exactly what Hope UK wants young people to do.

The newspaper article says that this 16 year old ‘was a lovely young girl who was  naïve’. Hope UK believes that drug education, together with life skills knowledge, is vital for young people negotiating the challenges of their world.

HOPE UK – enabling young people make drug-free choices.

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