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Drinks Industry set to oppose minimum pricing

According to a press release from the Alcohol Health Alliance, the Wine, Spirit and Trade Association is about to launch a campaign against minimum unit pricing (MUP) for alcohol – ‘Why should we pay more?’.

Dr Nick Sheron, member of the executive committee of the Alcohol Health Alliance UK, said: 

“The drinks industry is now using the tactics of Big Tobacco in trying to undermine evidence-based alcohol policy measures which would save lives and specifically target young and heavy drinkers. A minimum unit price is a targeted policy that will impact heavy drinkers whilst leaving the majority of moderate drinkers unaffected, and the international evidence (from Canada) shows that it works. 

Previously, the industry stated that a minimum unit price wouldn’t work, but now they are saying that it will lead to a reduction in consumption with a loss of £200 million a year to the Treasury. This shows that industry should not be involved in decisions affecting public health.”



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