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Alcohol Concern reports Dry January changing lives

Alcohol Concern hoped that at least 10,000 people would sign up for Dry January.  Instead, they had 17,300 sign up, many of whom are reporting improved well-being and plans to cut back on drinking in the future.

Emily Robinson, Director of Campaigns at Alcohol Concern said:

“We’re absolutely thrilled at the success of this year’s campaign with four times as many people signing up to go dry with us as in 2013.

“It tells us that people do want to have an honest and real conversation about their drinking, they want to try something new but they need a bit of help, support and encouragement to make that change.

“Many participants are telling us through social media that this month has been a life changing experience for them. They’ve had light bulb moments about the way they drink and why. Many people report feeling great and having realised that they have the confidence to socialise without alcohol. We’re incredibly proud to be able to help people make changes which we hope will have a lasting, positive impact for them.”

Hope UK congratulates Alcohol Concern on the success of this year’s campaign.


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