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Hope UK is a membership charity with a Board of 10 Trustees, each of whom serves for 3 years before being subject to re-election at the Annual General Meeting. In addition, the AGM appoints annually a Chairman and Honorary Treasurer who are members of the Board. The Trustees include individuals from business, the NHS, education, church and voluntary sector backgrounds.  Hope UK currently has nearly 500 members.

Chairman – Andy LawleyAndy Lawley

Andy is a pharmacist working full time as a Pharmacy Manager.  He is also a Hope UK Voluntary Drug Educator who works with schools, church groups and other charities looking to bring good quality, balanced, drug education to children and adults.  He was elected Chairman in April 2015.

Honorary Treasurer – Christina BecaresChristina Becares 2014

Christina has worked in finance for 20 years and is currently a Cost Assurance Manager in a Communications company.  She has been a voluntary Drug Educator for 13 years and has a deep love for the work of Hope UK. 

Trustee – John CampbellJohn Campbell

John has been an Elim Pentecostal Church minister for 36 years and has served at Whitehaven for the last 18 years. He is a director of Starting Point, a rehabilitation support project that meets in his church.  He has been a Hope UK Drug Educator for 7 years.

Trustee – Alan Earwaker

Alan is passionate about drug education and has been a Drug Educator with Hope UK for 19 years. He is a trained teacher with 46 years’ experience of working in schools and colleges as well as 30 years’ experience of being a Trustee/Director with Redhill Christian Fellowship and Redhill YMCA; then Hope UK and currently Surrey Drug and Alcohol Care where he is the Schools and Communities Outreach Manager.  Before he retired he was the Head of Finance at East Surrey College and has financial experience was the former Treasurer of Hope UK.

Trustee – Ann GalbraithAnn G4

Ann worked in Drug and Alcohol Treatment services for many years before retiring. She has training and assessment skills as a social work practice teacher and an NVQ assessor. Ann has been a Hope UK voluntary Drug Educator for 9 years and also works as our Southampton Project Worker.

TrJosephine 3ustee – Josephine Hart

Josephine has  worked with people in prison struggling with addiction and has studied this at various levels including the “Life for the World” course in care and counselling, in substance misuse at Gloucester University, and has an MA in Criminology from Birmingham City University where her dissertation was centred on addiction and resettlement. She has been a voluntary Drug Educator for 11 years.


Trustee – Patricia HowellPatricia H

Patricia is the founder and Managing Director of Lite-Waves Therapeutic Education; she is experienced and qualified in the area of community development and counselling.  She has a BA (hons) degree in Informal and Community Education and completed an Infant Observation study with the British Association of Psychotherapists (BAP).  She has also worked with families, young people and linked agencies in different capacities for over 20 years as a mentor, drug educator, counsellor, family worker, and parent support advisor.  Patricia has been a Hope UK voluntary Drug Educator since 2004.

Trustee – Sharon MurphySharon M 2

Sharon has worked as a General Practice nurse with people affected by substance misuse.  Her experiences made her realise that she had to do something about helping young people avoid being in such a situation. She has been a Hope UK voluntary Drug Educator for nearly 14 years and is currently also Hope UK’s Project Worker in the North of England.

Trustee – Yemisi Odejayi

Yemisi has an MSc in Business Management.  She spent her career looking after and supporting adults with mental health challenges and drug dependency problems and worked within treatment and education.  She has been actively involved in community based projects from inception and was appointed one of the interim trustees of Clapham Park Estate.  She retired from employment in 2011 and currently runs a food business and heads the women’s group in her local church.


TrusteKate Sandisone – Kate Sandison

Kate is an actor who has also been a Hope UK voluntary Drug Educator since 2008, working in schools and colleges, at Junior Citizen events speaking to dozens of young people each day, as well as representing Hope UK at various events and exhibitions.



Sarah3Sarah , Chief Executive Officer

Sarah has led Hope UK since May 2009 and is a qualified trainer and experienced youth leader. She is responsible for the development over the last twenty-two years of Hope UK’s Voluntary Drug Educator Training Programme which is accredited with the Open College Network. She has a BA(Hons) in History.

Debbie, Admin Assistant (Educators)Debbie 2013

Debbie fulfils a key role in being the connection between clients and Educators. In particular, she coordinates bookings for Educators – both staff and volunteers.


 Angella, ICT/Finance

Angella is responsible for the day to day accounting functions of Hope UK and also assists Paul with ICT issues.  She has worked with Hope UK for over 25 years.

Youth Development Worker

Hannah Luke -HeadshotHannah Luke is responsible for developing Hope UK’s youth branch, Generation Hope, by recruiting new members, organising and co-ordinating activities and supporting existing GH members.  She is an experienced youth worker who took up her post in October 2015.

Local Project Workers:

These are part-time workers who help Hope UK develop and support teams of voluntary Drug Educators in local areas, linking them with opportunities to provide drug education and undertaking sessions themselves when volunteers are unavailable.  They also work to raise the profile of Hope UK’s drug prevention work and find local sources of funding.


Ann G 2Ann is the part-time Local Project Worker for Southampton.  She has recruited a few voluntary Drug Educators from the Southampton/Poole/Bournemouth area who recently completed their training.  She supports them as well as providing drug education in the Southampton area.


Ian is the part-time local Project Worker for Watford, Leicester and Sheffield .  He was responsible for recruiting the team of Drug Educators in Watford and continues to support them by linking them up to speaking opportunities and coordinating their activities.  He is currently helping to train volunteers in Leicester.


Rachael Duthie

Rachael is the part-time Local Worker for Northamptonshire.  She delivers drug and lifeskills education for children and young people as well as training for professionals.  Supporting the local voluntary Drug Educators is also part of her role.


Sharon M 2Sharon is the part-time Project Worker for the North West of England.  She supports Hope UK’s Educators there and is recruiting new volunteers as well as providing drug education.




HQ staff support Drug Educators throughout the UK.

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