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Latest newsletter now available

Hope UK’s latest newsletter is now available.  The front page features some of the arguments for and against the reform of drug policy,  illustrating the complexity of the issue.   We welcome your feedback as the debate becomes more heated.

Will the decriminalisation of drugs make things better?

Of course there are arguments on both sides and these are becoming more heated now that a petition calling for Parliamentary debate on the issue has received the requisite number of signatures.  As a drug prevention charity for children and young people, Hope UK is against the decriminalisation of recreational drugs and agrees with many of the arguments made by Kathy Gyngell in the Guardian article which you can read by following the link:

Alcohol Concern reports Dry January changing lives

Alcohol Concern hoped that at least 10,000 people would sign up for Dry January.  Instead, they had 17,300 sign up, many of whom are reporting improved well-being and plans to cut back on drinking in the future.

Dry January

Hope UK supports Alcohol Concern’s campaign to encourage people not to drink alcohol for a whole month (ie, January).   The charity wants to get at least 10,000 people to sign up.  We hope that even more individuals will choose to give their bodies a break after the Christmas season’s excesses and discover for themselves the advantages of an alcohol-free lifestyle.

Legal Highs – do we need another name?

With the news that legal highs can now be purchased along with your morning newspaper or fish and chip takeaway in the North of England, Hope UK staff are wondering if legal highs is a good name for substances that are untested, uncertain and, in some well-publicised cases, unsafe.  We would like to suggest ‘potentially dangerous substances that are not yet illegal’.  Yes, it’s a bit of a mouthful, but conveys much more accurately the truth about these increasingly popular substances.

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