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Hope UK receives Big Society Award

Hope UK is pleased to announce that we have been given the Government’s Big Society Award, established to recognise organisations that demonstrate an outstanding level of commitment to improving their communities.  

Why are so many children being treated for alcohol misuse?

Health professionals are blaming poor celebrity role models and cheap alcohol for the fact that 3,200 children as young as 12 needed treatment for alcohol misuse last year.1  

Cannabis most harmful to under-18’s

A remarkable long-term study of 1,000 individuals in New Zealand has found that those who regularly used cannabis in their youth lost up to eight IQ points as adults compared to before they began to use cannabis.  Long-term use has already been associated with negative effects on memory and concentration.  Some users become tired and demotivated resulting in underachievement in education and in the workplace.  The drug has also been linked with the onset of psychosis in genetically predisposed individuals.  Add to these consequences a measurable loss of IQ and it is difficult to see how cannabis can be considered harmless, particularly for those who start young and use frequently.   

Support Nathan Williams as he runs for Hope UK

Nathan says: 

DrugFAM Annual Bereaved by Addiction Conference – October 6th, 2012

The DrugFAM charity is holding its annual Bereaved by Addiction Conference on October 6th.  If you would like to attend please follow the following steps: 

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