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Yorkshire and the Humber Region

Andy Lawley

Andy Lawley, Drug Educator and youth worker

We currently support two trained voluntary Drug Educators in Yorkshire and the Humber region who are available to work in schools and with youth and parents’ groups to provide interactive drug and alcohol education.

One of them, Andy Lawley, has received specialist training enabling him to deliver Hope UK’s 8-session course for youth groups called ‘Drugs, Sex and You’.  This course is receiving very positive feedback from youth workers and young people alike and enhances young people’s social skills as well as helping them to resist peer pressure and avoid drug and alcohol-related harm.

Contact Deborah Devine at if you would like a Drug Educator to visit your group.

West Midlands Region

Two voluntary Drug Educators, trained with Hope UK’s Open College Network-accredited course, are available to provide drug awareness sessions for children, young people, parents and youth and church workers. 

If you would like a drug awareness speaker for your group, please contact Deborah Devine at

Our goal is to recruit more Drug Educators with a part-time Project Worker who will be able to to liaise with other voluntary and statutory groups, as well as meeting requests from daytime groups like schools during ‘office hours’.  Recruiting new Educators, and providing training for accredited courses and delivering awareness sessions at times when Educators are not available, calls for 7 hours of staff time per week.  First year salary and support costs are approximately £4,000.

South West Region

Hope UK is currently supporting eight trained Drug Educators in the South West.   Please contact Debbie Devine if you would like to book a speaker, or complete the booking form.

Our vision is to have teams of Drug Educators in each county to provide the mix of skills and experience required to deliver community-based drug education, especially for churches and other voluntary groups in evenings and weekends – when statutory services cannot provide workers. We are hoping to have some who will be able to visit schools and other groups meeting during ‘working hours’.


South East Region

Volunteer recruitment begun in Buckinghamshire last year has resulted in a team of five who are now ready to take drug and alcohol awareness sessions in the country.   Contact Deborah Devine at if you would like to book a speaker.

Ann Galbraith is the Project Worker for Southampton, and Poole and Bournemouth.  She has recruited four voluntary Drug Educators from Southampton, Poole and Bournemouth, two of whom completed Hope UK’s voluntary Drug Educator Training course.  One hopes to complete later this year.  As a trained Drug Educator herself, Ann is available to undertake drug awareness sessions with children’s, young people’s and parents’ groups.  Contact her at if you would like a speaker or are interested in becoming a Drug Educator.

We are hoping to recruit a team in Berkshire not only to work for Hope UK but also to support the school-base drug education work of local charity, ARCADE.  Liz Wynyard, whose salary was paid for by the Vodafone World of Difference scheme, spent the equivalent of two months recruiting volunteers in the area.

There are currently 18 trained Drug Educators in other parts of the South East (not including London) available to provide drug awareness sessions in schools and with children’s, youth and parents’ groups.  Training can also be provided for youth workers and family workers.  If you would like to book a speaker, please e-mail

North East Region

The North East of England

Hope UK has five voluntary Drug Educators in the North East available to take drug and alcohol awareness sessions.  Please contact Deborah Devine at if you wish to book a speaker.


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