Fundraising Packs

Putting the FUN into FUNdraising!

Fundraising for your favourite charity doesn’t have to be scary or difficult.  Hope UK has developed a range of resources to help you raise funds for our drug prevention work with children and young people.  It can be as simple as organising a coffee and cake morning for a group of friends or, if you like a bit of a challenge, organising an alcohol-free bar for the young people in your church.  Here are some ideas with resources to go with them.  If you can’t print off the resources yourself, give us a ring (020 7928 0848) and ask us to print and post the resources to you, but please give us a bit of notice.

Basic Fundraising Pack

This pack is for those who want to do something we maybe haven’t thought of (though you can mix and match according to your own special requirements).  Links to useful resources are below. There is an empty box in the top left corner of the sponsorship form where you can add the details of your fundraising event.

Explanatory letter   Inspiration   Hope UK info leaflet   Sponsorship form   Donation and standing order form   Event Planner   How your money helps    Donation Jar Label 

Alcohol-free Bars

We have a range of interesting alcohol-free cocktail recipes you can use to hold an alcohol-free bar.  As the letter (link below) explains, you cannot raise money by charging for the drinks withoutcocktail incurring a lot of red tape, but you can ask for donations.  The links below will take you to resources that will make holding an alcohol-free bar easy.  We also have coasters with recipes on them that we can send you through the post on request.

Explanatory letter    Invitation    Poster   Bunting   Stand-up Hope UK leaflet   Risk Assessment Form   Hope UK leaflet

Church Events

Your church is an obvious venue for holding an event that both raises awareness of the drug prevention work of Hope UK and encourages support for that work.  Hopefully, it might also lead to one or two people wanting to become Drug Educators in their own community.  As the covering letter (link below) explains, the weekend of the 7th -9th October has been dedicated to really raising the profile of Hope UK in a variety of ways, including 5-minute (or longer) sessions in churches.  If you love what we do, the resources below will make it easy for you to promote our work in your church.

Explanatory letter     Inspiration     Advert     Poster    Hope UK leaflet   Church flier    Booking form   Donation and standing order form

Clothes Swop

Here’s an easy way to raise money!  Get friends and family to bring along all their wearable but unwanted clothes, shoes and accessories and encourage them to make donations for every item selected. Or ask for a donation at the door.  Either way, everyone will have had a good time and go home with additions to their wardrobe.  Our resources below will help you.

Explanatory letter    Invitation     Poster     Hope UK leaflet     Bunting     Jar Label     Donation and standing order form     Risk Assessment FormTea party

Coffee Morning/Afternoon/Evening

There’s nothing like a good natter with friends over a cup of coffee and a piece (or two) of cake.  Why not turn one of these enjoyable social occasions into a fundraising opportunity!  The links below take you to resources that can enhance the occasion.

Explanatory letter   Invitation   Poster    Hope UK leaflet    Bunting    Jar Label    Stand-up Hope UK info    Cake flags    Recipe suggestions    Stencil   Donation and standing order form   Risk Assessment Form

Garage Sale

garage saleHere is an opportunity to de-clutter and raise funds at the same time.  You may not have a garage – not many of us do – but you could have a table sale in your front garden or join one of the many car boot sales going on throughout the country.  If people know the money is going to a worthwhile charity, they are likely to give more.  Here are some resources to help you:

Explanatory letter    Invitation   Poster    Hope UK leaflet    Bunting    Jar Label    Donation and standing order form     Risk Assessment Form

Have a Hope UK party!

Birthday-Party-Games-663x375Need an excuse for a party?  Why not make Hope UK the theme at a fun-filled party that also gives people a real understanding of the work that Hope UK does and hopefully makes them want to support it, or even volunteer!  The resources below include ideas for games as well as a party planner.

Explanatory letter   Invitation   Poster   Hope UK leaflet    Bunting   Jar Label   Party Planner   Game instructions   String game   Pass the parcel (with a twist)   Pictionary Hope UK style   Donation and standing order form   Risk Assessment Form

Sponsored Events

Andy running 2The list of activities that you can use to raise money for charity is only limited by your imagination – running (of course!), walks (with or without a dog), sky diving, giving something up (like chocolate!)….   The links below will take you to resources that will help you do a sponsored event for Hope UK.  You may find items from the other packs useful as well, depending on what you are doing.

Explanatory letter    Sponsorship Form     Hope UK leaflet