Making a gift is easy. You can use a credit card to make a secure donation online — or send us a gift in the post. You can print off a postal gift form (including gift aid).

Make a single donation

• £5 is the average cost of reaching one young person (this will reduce as more Educators are trained)

• £10 will pay for a set of drug samples for an Educator to use with parents (these will not be real drugs!)

• £25 will pay for a Handbook which will help Educators select the right activities to use.

• £100 will pay for an Educator to attend a residential training course.

£450 will pay for a trained voluntary Drug Educator’s support for a year (includes travel expenses, annual conference, educational material and updating or specialist training)

£1,250 will pay for the training of one Drug Educator with a 120 hour course accredited with the Open College Network.

You could also make Hope UK your charity of choice when you shop online using ‘Give as you live’.

Start your regular giving today

One hundred and twenty people giving £10 per month would pay for a new Voluntary Drug Educator to be trained each year. In return, the average Drug Educator would be reaching at least 500 young people every year once they have completed their training. Please contact us to request a standing order form.

In Memoriam

Many people elect to support a charity with the money that would otherwise have been spent on flowers at a funeral, thus ensuring a lasting memorial to their departed loved one. We are happy to support anyone who might like to help Hope UK in this way by providing information about our activities for distribution.


Have you thought about leaving a gift to Hope UK in your will?

Hope UK has been working for children since it started in Leeds in 1847. Since then, an immense debt of gratitude is due to the many people who have helped our work by remembering us in this way.

Leaving a gift to Hope UK is a good way to help children and young people live their lives to the full.  You can find out more about leaving a legacy at or by contacting Marolin Watson.

Each legacy will enable us to take a step forward in achieving our target of reaching 500,000 young people every year.

It is important to consider writing a will to ensure that your wishes are honoured and that your beneficiaries understand clearly what these are. Hope UK advises anyone who wants to make or amend a will to receive help from a solicitor.

Sponsored Events

We are very grateful to everyone who has undertaken sponsored events to raise money for our work.

If you are thinking of doing this, please get in touch with Marolin Watson, who can offer help. This could include the provision of sponsorship forms or a T-shirt if, for example, running a marathon.

We recommend that you use as a means of encouraging and receiving online donations for the benefit of Hope UK. You can set up your own page and keep track of your progress.

Other events

Hope UK is also grateful to those individuals who arrange coffee mornings or concerts in aid of our work. If you would like information about Hope UK’s activities or display material, then please contact Marolin Watson.

Church giving

Hope UK is very grateful to churches and other community groups that have made donations towards our work.

This may be because of a special charity collection, or selection as ‘charity for the year’. If you would like further information about Hope UK’s work, please contact Marolin Watson, who can offer information leaflets or arrange for an Educator to visit to talk about Hope UK.