Join Hope UK and make a difference

Hope UK’s members are Christians who have chosen a lifestyle free from the use of alcohol, tobacco or illegal drugs.

Membership is free, although donations are very welcome as is an informed and prayerful interest in our activities.

Membership is important because it shows that there are people who care enough about preventing drug-related harm to make this personal decision.

Hope UK members have always made a ‘drug-free’ choice dating back to the foundation of the UK Band of Hope in 1855. It was recognised that everyone has an opportunity to influence others by their behaviour – actions do indeed speak louder than words. For Christians, this personal sacrifice is an expression of grace – something done for the benefit of others. A ‘drug-free’ choice can be of immense encouragement to young people who are struggling in a culture where sometimes it seems that everybody is using one drug or another.

If you would like to join Hope UK, then please return the membership form.

Note: Hope UK members have chosen an alcohol-free lifestyle but this relates to social use and not the sacramental use of wine in communion. Hope UK membership should not stop anybody from taking communion in any Christian fellowship.