Being a Member

People's mandala - 12 handsAre you a Christian who is concerned about the prevalence of drinking and drug use in the UK?

Are you prepared to do something about it?

Membership of Hope UK enables you to take a stand against the scourge of excessive alcohol consumption and, to a lesser extent, drug use that are undermining our society.  By becoming a member and making the small sacrifice of abstaining from alcohol and recreational drugs, whether legal or illegal, you are declaring your desire to be a positive role model, someone who is prepared to stand out from the crowd.

Children and young people especially need strong role models, adults who can demonstrate by their example that drugs and alcohol are not necessary for a full and happy life.  This is especially important if you are a youth leader, parent or teacher – someone that young people look up to.

All of our voluntary Drug Educators are members of Hope UK, but you don’t have to be a Drug Educator to be a member.  Click here if you would like to find out what membership might mean to you.