Who they are

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Some of Hope UK’s voluntary Drug Educators at their annual conference

People become Hope UK volunteers because they are passionate about preventing drug and alcohol-related harm to children and young people. They use the skills and knowledge they gain from Hope UK informally as well as in sessions at schools, colleges and with youth groups and other voluntary organisations. A few, like a GP, prison worker, hostel worker and youth worker, are also able to use the training in the course of their work. Conversations at bus stops, on the street and in social settings all contribute to the impact our Educators make in their local communities. They also help parents and youth workers incorporate drug prevention into their activities with children.

Our volunteers come from all walks of life, but they all have one thing in common – the determination to save young people from the devastation alcohol and drugs can cause. Some are ex-drug users who are grateful to have been given a second chance. Others have worked with addicts and want to stop more young people going down that road, and some are parents who want to give all children, not just their own, the chance to realise their potential and live full and meaningful lives.

Around 40 per cent of our 130 voluntary Drug Educators come from ethnic minority groups and are able to reach into these communities in their neighbourhoods.