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young people July 2015Generation Hope is Hope UK’s youth branch. It is a membership organisation for young people age 11-25 who want to make a difference in society by living a Christian lifestyle, with an emphasis on drug and alcohol-free choices. These young people want to make and maintain friendships with like-minded others, develop knowledge and skills, and encourage their friends (and be encouraged by them) to live a life that will often be counter-cultural.

There are opportunities to be trained as peer mentors; to become involved in the Youth Advisory Board and to attend residential youth weekends during which they can make new friends and join a social network that actively encourages positive drug and alcohol-free lifestyles.

This year, young people have worked alongside youth workers Hannah Luke and Jamie Madden and adult Drug Educators at various events, including the Big Church Day Out in West Sussex (28th-29th May) and the Keswick Convention (end July).  An activity weekend at Chellington is scheduled for October.

Here are some comments from the young people about their time at Keswick (more photos on the front cover of our Autumn newsletter):

“Nine members of Generation Hope recently visited ‘The Keswick Convention’ – a gathering of thousands of Christians in one tiny town in the Lake District.

We spent the week camping on an adolescent campsite (which was not as bad as it sounds) and lived like peasants pretty much throughout. The weather fluctuated, as it would in our indecisive country, and it varied from overwhelming heat, to uncontrollable storm which blew our tents away (literally).

Regardless of the fact that three of us were not yet 19-24, we all attended the 19-24  sessions, which were both interesting and deep in their Bible teaching.

The Generation Hope stand attracted many young people of all ages (literally from babies to people in their 70s) who would come every day to participate in the activities that we had set out. Beer goggles, dangerous drugs, pour a unit; everything was there for them to play and learn with. We all had interesting discussions.  (Although there was this one little girl who kept stealing our everybodysweets!)

I think I will never forget Hepzibah walking up to people randomly with a big cigarette, saying “HI, HAVE A CIGARETTE” to them until they decided to come over and listen to what we had to say. I don’t know if that scared off more people or attracted them, but it was amusing all the same.

sunsetOverall, the week was a brilliant time for us all and we thoroughly enjoyed it. I think we would all happily do it again!” (Rosie)

“I really, really enjoyed Keswick. Despite some rubbish weather it was a really fun week. We spoke to loads of people about Hope UK and Generation Hope and imparted some of our drug-wisdom on them which was fab. Also the whole group who went really gelled well together and there were no issues or falling out; everyone just got on so well together. So yeah, all in all I had a really wonderful time!”  (Kitty)


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