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From the AFT youtube channel - fun without alcohol

From the AFT youtube channel – fun without alcohol

AFT stands for Alcohol-free Today, a project that encourages young (and not so young) people to choose occasionally to be alcohol-free – perhaps if they have exams coming up, or are somewhere they need to be alert to ensure their personal safety.   The project involves a distinctive wrist band that can be worn to signal the desire to be alcohol-free on any given day or at a particular event, as well as an on-line community of other young people/young adults across the country.

Groups of young people are encouraged to make videos of all the things they can do instead of drinking and submit them to be included in the AFT You Tube channel (www.YouTube/user/AlcoholFreeToday).

People can also like the Facebook page ( or follow us on Twitter (@AFT_hopeuk)


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