Picture 613To date, Hope UK Drug Educators have held 30 ‘Drugs, Sex and You’ courses with youth groups in different parts of the UK and more are in the pipeline.  Young people (and youth workers) who have been through the 8-week course often ask for follow-up activities that will help to develop and reinforce what they have learned.  Hope UK plans to hold residential weekend events for regional groups of young people and their youth workers (as part of Generation Hope) so that they can continue to develop the skills they learned from the 8-week course as well as enjoying a fun time of friendship and recreational activity.

The first weekend for young people was held in October last year and was greatly enjoyed by the young people involved.  It included learning and practicing interview skills, discussions on sex and relationships, science and religion and practical communication skills.

We will need new sources of funding to cover the cost of these weekends.  If you are interested in contributing, please contact Marolin Watson at m.watson@hopeuk.org or ring her at 020 7928 0848.