79112It’s very tough being a parent today and it’s all too easy to ignore signals given by our children.  Hope UK’s Drug Educators can provide awareness sessions which give parents the knowledge, skills and confidence to help their children avoid drug-related harm as well as helping them recognise the signs of substance use (should it occur).

As well as drug information, we can cover topics like:

  • Why children take drugs
  • Communication skills for parents with their children
  • Good parenting practice
  • Prevention tools for parents
  • Learning to intervene and where to get help

If you would like to book a drug awareness session for a parents’ group, please complete the booking form and submit.

Hope UK can also recommend the Drug Proof Your Kids® programme supplied by Care for the Family. This consists of six 2-hour sessions taught by a trained presenter (one session per week for six weeks).

Hope UK’s Parents Action Plan offers ten points of advice and is available free for single copies and a minimum charge of £2 for 10 copies (plus 20p each thereafter). Order here.

If you know that your child is already using drugs, here is a helpful link showing how parents can unwittingly become ‘enablers’ for their children’s drug use.