Family Workers

A practical training programme for anyone working with children, parents of young children or family support at health clinics, nurseries, community centres, SureStart children centres, churches etc.

Course Content

The course aims to increase basic knowledge about the effects of drugs, and how parental use may affect children. It focuses on the social effects of drug use, in particular on the family, and gives a number of practical ideas on how to work with these issues.  Click here and see the second page for a course outline.


The course is a portfolio–based programme of two level 3 units giving 6 credits with the Open College Network, London Region (OCN London), which roughly equates to A’ Level standard. The course has been piloted in various settings and we ensure that all training provided meets OCN London standards.

Running the Course

The course can be delivered over two full days, or four half-days. In addition to attending the course, about 30 hours of work is required to obtain the accreditation. If the training is run for two full days, work will need to be done prior to the start of the course, as well as after the two days. If the training is done over four half-days, all additional work will be done between and after the course days. Each learner will develop a portfolio with relevant material, much of which will be gathered during training, but some of which will have to be obtained through using the training in real-life situations.


Courses hosted by the organisation requiring the training cost £600 (for the 2 days) plus expenses, with a charge of £10 per learner for materials and £50 per learner for the accreditation (registration and assessment).

‘Open’ courses are charged at £100 per learner with an additional £50 per person if accreditation is required – a minimum of 8 learners is required for the course to proceed.

Practical details

For more details, please contact Paul (at  or 020 7928 0848) who will arrange to meet you to discuss dates and the format of the course that would best suit you.