Youth Workers

A practical training programme for anyone working with young people

Course outline

This two-day course aims to increase basic knowledge about the effects of drugs.  It has a focus on the social effects of drug use, in particular on the individual and peer influences, and gives a number of practical ideas for youth workers on how to address these issues.  Click here and see page 2 for programme details.

Work will need to be done prior to the start of the course, as well as after the two days.  Each learner will develop a portfolio with relevant material, much of which will be gathered during training, but some of which will have to be obtained by using the training in real-life situations.


The course is a portfolio–based programme of one level 3 unit accredited with Open College Network, London Region (OCN London) (this roughly corresponds to ‘A’ Level standard) giving 3 credits.  We ensure that all training provided meets OCN London standards.


Courses you host cost £600 (for the 2 days) plus expenses, with a charge of £10 per learner for materials and £50 per learner for the accreditation (registration and assessment).

‘Open’ courses are charged at £100 per learner with an additional £50 per person if accreditation is required – a minimum of 8 learners is required for the course to proceed.

Practical details

If you are interested in hosting a course, you will need a group of at least 8 learners.

For more details please contact: Sarah Brighton at or 020 7928 0848.