Gifts and Grants

Picture 005Hope UK is a charity and, like many other charities, is struggling in the current economic climate.  Each year our outgoings exceed our income but we will not cut back on our services while we have reserves to draw on. However, these reserves are dwindling rapidly and we need to find ways of sustainably funding our work if it is to survive.  That is why we need your support.

Prevention work may not have the same appeal that helping people with problems does, but it is a lot cheaper! It costs us just £5 to reach a child with age-appropriate drug education.  Rehabilitating someone with dependency problems costs thousands of pounds.

If you are an individual, the link will take you to a page with suggestions for how you might support our work.

If you are a trust or a company, the links will take you to a page with further information that will help you to decide whether and how you can support our work.

Thank you for your interest.